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Apr 02, 2017
Are you going to wait 50 years before you allow the music, gift, talent, ability, invention, or what ever you have buried inside of you to be shared with others who need it now?
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Mar 01, 2017
Singing allows you to connect to your inner self. Singing helps you to release negative emotions and completely enjoy positive ones. Singing helps you to be honest with yourself. What ever is going on inside of you while you are singing, comes out, you cannot hide. So when you practice singing a song while being mindful of being relaxed and letting go, this practice seeps into your speaking and communicating skills. “Singing exercises your heart, lungs, and releases endorphins, making you feel good.” Kismetry.com. It’s your voice so use is confidently.
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Feb 02, 2017
As a vocal coach I get to facilitate and then witness the magic of singing.
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Jan 05, 2017
This is a new year full of possibilities, a fresh start.
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Nov 30, 2016
Christmas means different things to different people. For some it means that Santa Clause will soon be here and we need to make sure that everything is in place and ready for a festive time with family and friends.
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Nov 03, 2016
In order to develop unshakable confidence you have to start with totally accepting who you are RIGHT NOW!
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Sep 06, 2016
There is so much excitement and promise when starting something; new school year, new hobby or even new relationship. We are confident and look forward to positive results when we undertake a new venture and look forward to a happy ending. But we misplace our confidence when we are miserable, uncomfortable and irritated because things don’t fall into place as we feel they should. When disillusioned or disappointed we often want to pause, stop or just quit. But I would suggest to you that the difficulty, somewhere in the middle of the journey, is necessary to strengthen you to first continue, and second see if you really, really want this.
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Jun 02, 2016
When I made the decision to go into business I wanted to work with children. I wanted to help them understand that they should be confident about the person they are now.  I wanted them to know, and have no doubt that they matter, they are significant and that they too have something to contribute. Unfortunately, not all children feel that way and are not nurtured in an environment where these characteristics are fostered.  Children have to deal with peer pressure, and all kinds of abuse that ultimately leave them feeling doubtful, self conscious and afraid to venture out and be themselves.
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