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29 Aug, 2018 |
The workshop was absolutely fantastic. Far beyond what we all expected. Everything you taught us has stayed with us… I cannot thank you enough for working with us Roxanne. Each and every one of us felt more connected, not only with each other but with ourselves.


29 Aug, 2018 |
A friend invited me to a Confidence Booster recital. There I heard Roxanne Goodman speak of not allowing fear to hold us back from what we wanted to do in life. For years I had allowed fear of what others would think to keep me from doing something which I loved — singing. Through Roxanne and Confidence Booster, I not only gained the courage to sing in public, but this transferred into an increased confidence in who I am in various areas of my life, and the courage to step out into a variety of new ventures.


29 Aug, 2018 |
The confidence arising from encouragement to be unafraid to make mistakes, to open up and sing from the heart and to listen more closely to others to better know my own part in the greater whole, has enabled me to much more deeply enjoy singing while building skills via ear training and choral discipline. Singing is a whole lot more fun, making practising pleasurable. With greater confidence I am more able to try new things and develop musically while helping others to do the same. Thanks, Roxanne!


29 Aug, 2018 |
Confidence Booster has and is assisting me in all kinds of aspect of my life. Whether it’s getting up in the morning and not giving up, or helping me feel good about myself singing, I can’t say anything but “it’s awesome!” about What Ms. Goodman does.


29 Aug, 2018 |
I was ‘fine’. I didn’t need Roxanne’s confidence boosting, all I wanted to do was be able to sing in tune and not embarrass myself. I dreaded some of her exercises that meant I had to sing ‘whatever I felt like’ . Most of the time I would either sing nothing or stick to one note – you can’t be embarrassed by that! Little by little, along with the encouragement of my Tonette sisters, I started feeling safe and more comfortable in myself. I wasn’t afraid to sing out and I even tried harmonizing on my own! That was a real step forward for me. With laughter and music, Roxanne has helped me come out of myself and has brought joy and fun back into my life. I wish I could continue my journey under her wing but alas I must return to my home in the West. Roxanne, I will miss your strong commitment to helping us – the love and faith that you share with us. I wish you much joy, fun and happiness in your journey.
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