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Come and join All Heart Singers

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Come and join All Heart Singers

This is a 12 week choir that will work every week starting on Wednesday September 11th consecutively to November 27th.

Every week you will receive a 5 minutes  motivational talk, do an extensive vocal warm up, and then work on a song.  All the songs

are uplifting and thought provoking.  You will have recorded parts to work on at home along with sheet music that will be provided.

You do NOT have to know how to read music to be a part of this choir, you just have to bring your voice and sing from your HEART.

If you would like to do this but you are not sure if you can, COME OUT TO THE FIRST SESSION ON SEPT. 11TH AND TRY IT OUT

If at the end of the session you want to join, I will welcome you to the All Heart Singers! 😁

Benefits of the All Heart Singers 12 week choir

1. proper vocal technique: breathing, posture, placement, resonation, enunciation and much more
2. Performance tips
3. Diminish anxiety 
4. Become a better speaker
5. Become a better communicator
6. Relaxation techniques
7. Allow your authenticity to shine
8. Enhance your memory
9. Meet and develop new choir friends

Do something for yourself that will assist you in keeping your moral lifted in the midst of all that is happening all over the world. 
Come and Sing with the All Heart Singers!

Fee for the 12 week choir is $325.00 no tax!

I look forward to singing with you,

Roxanne Goodman 
The Confidence Booster