Group Vocal and Performance Lessons

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Have fun and meet other wonderful people while learning how to sing and perform in 10-week group sessions. Learn how to comfortably express yourself through song (or the spoken word) to better touch your audience with your message.
The goal is to sing as a soloist while in a group so that performance anxiety can be dealt with.  Build self-esteem which develops confidence to truly be yourself on or off the stage therefor always communicating who you really are.  During the 10 weeks you will get stronger and feel more confident singing on your own.
These enjoyable classes will not only assist in giving better presentations at work or school, feeling more comfortable speaking in general, but will also allow you to give great performances on stage because you will have had the practice that ultimately develops the confidence to relax and truly express yourself.

The fee is $450 for 10 weeks which includes ALL exercises, accompaniment and two weeks with an accompanist.